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CanyonChasers Image Gallery
Zero to Go
Rising T.S. Hortnes' SV 650 before making an actual purchase of one.
New Bike Day
Triple Clamps
Modifying the triple clamps in order to fit a set of ZX6 forks
SV and 636 Triples
Putting the SV stem into the 636 lower triple clamp
De-Blueing the Tank
Sanding and preppring the tank for color - no more blue
636 Upper Triple Clamp
Modifying the 636 top triple clamps to accept the SV650 key
636 Forks on an SV650
Dry fitting the 636 forks
SV650 Front End Height
Working out the front end geometry with the alternative front end
Stem Height Problem
Need to develop a spacer to compensate for the weird stepped triple clamp
Fitting the ZX6R Front Wheel
Installing the ZX6R Front Wheel
"Lusterless" Olive Drab
The painter did too good of a job. The single stage paint was super glossy
Motivational Riding Poster
Dedication: Sacrifices, countless hours of hard work and thousands of dollars to suck a little less
Photoshoot at the 1st Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment on the flight deck